No selection

Dear friends,

Acharn:”People think that the development of vipassana is different from daily life. There should be no selection, everything arises by conditions. When there is no visible object there cannot be attachment to visible object. It is better to understand the objects of lobha. Understand visible object as just a reality, it is not people and things. There is clinging to visible object as something and to seeing as ‘my seeing’. When there is no understanding, lobha and dosa must be there.”

Can anyone do anything about visible object? It appears now.”

(N: Just when she said that, there was a loud sound from the boat, nobody could prevent that.) Acharn: “ When there is awareness there will be more understanding of realities appearing through the six doorways, one characteristic at a time. Lobha is there.” Jon: “Sneaking in all the time.”




Written on August 31, 2018