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Dear friends,

Acharn explained that some people, at the moment of touching, think that they understand hardness as rupa. But can they tell whether a moment of awareness is different from a moment without awareness when there is touching? She said: “They have no understanding of non-self, because it is ‘I’ who wants to understand, it is ‘I’ who understands touching. There is no understanding that there is nobody, that it is only hardness. One has to understand at the moment of awareness, that awareness is anatta. It has its own conditions. It does not arise by thinking of it or wanting to have it. This is only the beginning of the understanding of anattaness, it has to grow on and on, (being aware) of all objects, not only touching. There must be the development from moment to moment to moment. Watching, observing is not awareness. There is not a self who is observing. It arises by conditions and does not stay. Sometimes it arises, sometimes it does not. It is a moment of detachment from ‘I’ who is watching. From the very beginning it should be known that all dhammas are anatta.”



Written on August 28, 2018