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About Abhidhamma in Daily Life

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Abhidhamma in Daily Life is an exposition of absolute realities in detail. Abhidhamma means higher doctrine and the book’s purpose is to encourage the right application of Buddhism in order to eradicate wrong view and eventually all defilements. Many terms in Pali the language }of early Buddhism are used and are defined as they are introduced. The book is therefore suitable for beginners as well as practicing Buddhists. It is detailed and precise and an invaluable aid to unlocking the deep meaning of the entire Buddhist canon and applying the theory to our daily lives for the benefit of ourselves and others. Support Web Site

Short Description Abhidhamma in Daily Life is an exposition of absolute realities in detail. Abhidhamma means higher doctrine and the book’s purpose is to encourage the right application of Buddhism in order to eradicate wrong view and eventually all defilements.

Table of Contents Preface: The Four Paramattha Dhammas: The Five Khandhas: Different Aspects of Citta: The Characteristic of Lobha: Different Degrees of Lobha: The Characteristic of Dosa: Ignorance: Ahetuka Cittas (Rootless Cittas): Ahetuka Cittas which are Unknown in Daily Life: The First Citta in Life: Different Types of Rebirth-Consciousness: The Function of Bhavanga (Life-Continuum): Functions of Citta: The Function of Javana: The Functions of Tadārammaṇa and Cuti: Objects and Doors: Doors and Physical Bases of Citta: Elements: The Sobhana Cittas in our Life: Planes of Existence: Samatha: Jhānacittas: Lokuttara Cittas: Enlightenment:Glossary

Keywords abhidhamma; buddhism; mindfulness; meditation; vipassana; insight

Language English

Edition Fourth revision

ISBN Complete (hardback): 978-1-897633-27-4

ISBN Complete (paperback): 978-1897633-44-1

First Publication Date (Zolag}: 1/12/2014

First published: 1977 (approximately) for free distribution.

Page Count: 200

Book type Hard back, plain cover, B&W 6.14 x 9.21in or 234 x 156mm (Royal 8vo) Blue Cloth on Creme

Book type Paperback, colour cover, B&W 6.14 x 9.21in or 234 x 156mm.

Thema Subject Category: QRFB1

Licence: This work is licensed under the: Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. To view a copy of this license, visit:

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ADL 5.0 out of 5 stars,concise clear and spiritually alive teaching.

As a teacher myself in England working with students aged 13-18; I found the layout of the text to be of the clearest teaching methods that the most professional of teachers would employ. More so as a teacher of Religious Studies and a practising Buddhist I thank Nina for enlarging my understanding of the Dharma through such an interesting living approach to what can easily succumb to be a dreary intellectual task. (accessed 15/10/17)

Abhidhamma made easy. By Sarakanion 2 September 2006

This book is about Cittas or types of consciousness in a Buddhist context. Ms Van Gorkhum has also written a recent book on Cetasika’s or mental factors/flavours associated with consciousness and she has also written a book that may be out soon on the Pacchayas or conditional relations.

The first book is simply brilliant. It opens up the abhidhamm in a way the Abhidhamma Sangaha cannot to a complete beginner. The Sangaha is of course a primary, vital reference - but Van Gorkhum’s treatment is more like a dictionary of some of the major types of consciousness as summarised in the A. Sangaha.

I can’t put the book down and read it chapter by chapter - re-reading. I’d really like to study her other books when I have the time and own them as this is the secret doctrine, the magical teaching on how the mind works.

I hope you get the opportunity to study this. (accessed July 2016)

About the author

Name: Gorkom, Nina Van Role: Author

International Standard Name Identifier (ISNI): 0000 0000 6398 0326


Nina van Gorkom was born in 1928 to a family of socialist intellectuals. Her father was a member of the Dutch parliament. She studied at Leyden University and during this time she became a Catholic. In 1952, she married Lodewijk van Gorkom, a Dutch diplomat.

In 1965, Lodewijk was posted to Thailand and Nina started learning the Thai language. She took a keen interest in Buddhism, attending classes for foreigners at Wat Mahathat. There she met, in the summer of 1966, Sujin Boriharnwanaket. Impressed by the profundity of the Buddhist teachings, she became convinced of the truth of the Buddha’s words and later assisted Khun Sujin in discussions about Buddhism for Thai radio stations. These talks were later published as Buddhism in Daily Life, her first book.

Nina and Lodewijk left Thailand in 1970 and lived in Japan, New York, Indonesia (where Lodewijk was the Dutch ambassador) and Austria. Lodewijk retired in 1990 and she now lives in The Hague in Holland.

Nina’s writings are well-known amongst English speaking Buddhists, and she is highly respected in Thailand where several of her books have been translated into the Thai language with (after many reprints) over one hundred thousand copies now. Her books have also been translated in Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Nepal, China, Vietnam and Germany.

Prior Work:

Buddhism in Daily Life; The Buddha’s Path; Cetasikas; A Survey of Paramattha Dhammas (translator); The Perfections Leading to Enlightenment; Lovingkindness in Buddhism; The Conditionality of life; The Buddhist Teaching on Physical Phenomena; Taking Refuge in Buddhism (translator); The World in the Buddhist Sense; Understanding Reality; Introduction to Abhidhamma; Abhidhamma in Daily Life.

Location: The Hague, Holland.