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TEAN presentation on 5 Misconceptions on Mindfulnesss

5 Misconceptions in mindfulness and why they may be harming your pupils

I gave a 30 minute presentation at the 9th TEAN Conference 2018, Birmingham on 11th May. The presentation was titled. 5 misconceptions in mindfulness and why they may be harming your pupils. The study looks into secular and non-secular mindfulness. Alan Weller


Secular mindfulness has come into the education sector. Although acknowledging the source as the Buddhist teachings, it is very different. This paper looks at the original scriptures and draws out 5 misconceptions in practice and why they may be harmful to those who undertake them. These five areas of misconceptions are; history is not important (using the example of physics to begin with); the understanding of the difference between concept and reality is not necessary; the mental phenomena in this world are not conditioned; the purpose of mindfulness is to be calm and have less stress; wrong mindfulness will not harm you. The study will also show how the right understanding of mindfulness can be incorporated into the existing curriculum; as a starter in KS4 Biology, KS4 Physics, A level Medical physics and in PSHE /Citizenship and RE by exploring the understanding that attachment conditions aversion. These 5 misconceptions can show us another meaning of spirituality. We do not understand reality as it is, so we are attached and so suffer and cause others suffering.

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